SOPA - Draconian policies not a piracy solution

OK, so to protect the modest, I've moderated the title, if not the content of the hilarious take on SOPA provided by A friend pointed me in their direction for an interesting take on this hot copyright legislation topic. Check it out, it explains the issues and fears of much of the creative community at the potentially draconian nature of the legislation... And of course, if America passes rules like this; how long til we all fall in behind them?

Piracy is a problem. SOPA is not the solution. It's like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut... or, as the Oatmeal would have it: "like dealing with a lion that's escaped from the zoo by blasting some kittens with a flamethrower"

Many websites are blacking out their sites to highlight the fact that powers under SOPA, if it becomes law, could shut down any site, without due legal process for any possible infringement of creative rights.

Enjoy the animated GIF pirated at the author's request, which covers the main topics, or find out more on Wikipedia