who we are

Our core team specialise in applying creativity to real-world problems, helping people and organisations to express who they are and communicate the value of what they do.

We’re in the business of strategic imagination.

Through extensive connections across a broad range of creative disciplines, we can create the right team for each client project, providing creativity, clarity and insight.


Howard Elwyn-Jones

Howard has over 17 years experience in communications and PR.

With a focus on developing strong content and clear communications strategy, he has consulted for a wide range of UK and international organisations from government, energy and transport to healthcare, construction and education.

Studying at St Andrews, Cardiff and Stirling Universities, he holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in English, Law and Public Relations.

Good with:  writing, people, photography, project management, strategy, brainstorming, clarity.


Esther Clayton

A graphic designer with over 18 years experience in the design industry, Esther trained at Wimbledon School of Art and Edinburgh College of Art.  She has worked in both a design consultancy environment and within marketing and communication teams. 

Good with: ideas, people, type, colour, images and words.


what we believe

Relationships are fundamental

Our client base has grown organically through referral and recommendation. Our business development depends on the consistent quality of our work.

A fresh coat of paint can't cover up an ugly idea

Design isn't a magical fix.  It's only a solution if it extends from clear concepts, sound strategy and carefully crafted content. We reserve the right to ask questions and challenge ideas.

With great power comes great responsibility

The person with the power to sign off on a project should stay involved in the project. If they can palm it off on someone else, they don’t care enough for it to succeed.

Trust is fundamental

If you hire us, it’s because you need us to do something you can’t.

Design by committee is slow, ugly, expensive and derivative

Design should be considered, careful and intentional. If everyone likes everything you do, then there’s a risk you’ve achieved the unremarkable.

Good grammar is sexy

Language is the software our brains run on. You can't break the rules if you don't know them... and you probably shouldn't, most of the time.

Creativity, experience and strategic capability are our most valuable assets, we can’t give them away for free.

Please don’t ask us for work ‘on spec’ or to participate in unpaid pitches. We only undertake a limited amount of pro-bono work for chosen ‘good causes’ each year.

How it looks should only be decided once you understand what it’s for.